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FLAIR MEDIA CONSULTANCY is a media production and consultancy firm, established in 2015 by professional journalists with years of experience in the media industry.



our vision

Our vision is aligned with the practices of conscientious and objective journalism. Our ambition is to facilitate and promote effective journalism while providing all the necessary tools to operate as successfully as possible within the media environment, in any given setting and/or scenario.


We possess a profound experience in covering the highly conflictual region which is the Middle East. A region rich in history and culture which has always been at the centre of the stage of world history and civilisation. As most of us may be well aware, the Middle East has been providing much of the headline news throughout the last few decades of contemporary history.

FLAIR MEDIA CONSULTANCY is glad to put all of its experience on the table in its creation and development of meticulously tailored training sessions in its hopes and aspirations to make a significant contribution to the development and evolution of media coverage throughout the Middle East.

Through our experience and our connections we are effectively striving to be a solid journalistic bridge between the Middle East and the Western media. Encouraging competitive and responsible media coverage is at the core of our mission. We have trained and collaborated with more than 60 field teams, composed of journalists, producers, and cameramen, operating in MENA countries. This allows us to remain a frontline media distribution hub in the region.